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Woe is not me.

Written Word by Alexandria Chavez

This poem was written in a moment of Deep anger.

"I feel frustrated, defeated, hopeless, done.

Every single time I try, I am knocked back down.

I feel unsupported, unseen, misunderstood, judged.

This feeling wraps around me and succumbs me. I start to believe that I am not good.

There is loneliness in my heart.....Hard, unfiltered pain that is stuck on me…..cemented into my bones; so attached to me, that…. I believe it is me.

Leaving this part of me would feel like a loss. Why? Why am I addicted to feeling misunderstood?...There is a sense of empowerment that comes with people not knowing what I know….not being able to see what I see, or feel what I have felt.

I want to release my Woe’s. Woe is not me.

I can now see…my power. My ability to breathe into my hardened spaces……my anger lights the way, for she knows this route. The destination is meeting myself…..seeing myself….and not judging myself. I know I am good.

Sometimes all I have is my anger….she was the only one who shows up. So I hold her hand, and she guides me home. A place that only I can see, only I can influence, only I can heal. This is my power. My ability to see myself in my light. I don’t need anyone else to do this for me.

I am my only judge, and I choose to give myself grace."

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