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The Daily Motherhood Diary | entry 8

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Entry 8 | January 2021

"Being Present" Written Word by Alexandria Chavez

I am welcomed into the day with grace & patience.

Renewed, I feel as though the slate of my life is wiped clean.

Mornings gift me this feeling.

There is no burden to carry, as the crisp air generously lends me her guidance.

I sit quietly with nature, allowing my breath to synchronize with the gently flowing breeze that caresses my baby hairs…….ushering a rush of chills that paints over my body.

I feel the puffiness of my tired eyes hugging my face….for the first time in a long time, I am present.

Completely and devotedly present.

I feel fully in my body, with my energy anchored deep in my hips…..

I feel my un-lotioned skin ask for more hydration.

I can hear my body talking to me.

I listen, I understand and I give myself what I need.

I am reminded in this moment, that I am important too. I am valuable. I am a gift.

I then reveal a toxic illusion that I had deeply believed entering motherhood…….

I believed that Self sacrifice makes me a good mom.

Neglecting my basic human needs was just something I’d “better get used to, because my kid is the only thing that matters.”

I have been a mother for 1 year & 10 months, and pregnant with my second.

Living in that illusion of neglancy has only shown me where I'd become the “Angry mom;”

The always irritable, always tired, always resentful, mother.

I had begun to hate motherhood.

But as I sit in here in honest conversation with my body, she lets me know that she needs love too. I can only lovingly care for my daughter when I am too, taken care of.

A quote that my husband always says...sneaks into my mind…….”So many would kill for their children, but would you LIVE for them?”

And with that, I invite you to ask yourself ….”how are you taking care of yourself & Where have you been neglecting your basic needs?”

I encourage you to allow yourself to be put first, so that you are operating from a space of wholeness…..being fully present with your child.

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