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The Daily Motherhood Diary | entry 6

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Entry 6 | January 2021

"3 AM" Written Word by Alexandria Chavez

Another sleepless night.

My body aches of the endless kicks & turns of my playful little boy.

He curiously explores the deepest parts of my rib-cage, finding comfort close to my drumming heart.

Cradled by my cocooned tummy, I feel the closeness of our souls connecting through a language that can not be interpreted.

As my energy blends with his, I am able to experience Heaven through one breath, one thought, one moment.

He reminds me of my daughter, who has the vibrant energy of a Warrior Princess.

I can still feel the imprint of my baby girl's powerful spirit that once lived within me.

Even as they journey through this world, My body will always carry my children; As we were once one Body intertwined.

They leave behind an inscription of their tenderness and strength that is woven in purity;

It will forever be my treasure.

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