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The Daily Motherhood Diary | entry 5

Entry 5 | January 19, 2021

"Womb space" Written word by Alexandria Chavez

Space to breathe is few & far between, as I share my body with another.

As I host my unborn son in the center of my belly, embraced by my womb, I become more conscious & hyper aware of my inner world.

I sometimes worry that he feels the turbulence of my heart, as I voyage through the sea of my inflictions. I wonder if he too, can feel my pain.

And with that thought, a wave of guilt pours into me. But then I gently remind myself that,

soul to soul... it is through me, this delicate process of existence can occur.

My body; the tree of his life, his roots.

My son chose me,

He handpicked me from the heavens, out of all the mommy's & he deemed my essence, my light, my being; his home.

His sacred sanctuary,

His portal of safety & endless love, to guide him into this world.

I am his Mama.

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