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The Daily Motherhood Diary | entry 4

Entry 4 | January 18, 2021

"Trust" Written word by Alexandria Chavez

More grace, more love, more trust....

The parts of myself that have forgotten, are beginning to remember.

Mothering has shown me where I have neglected myself.

When I reject myself, my 1 year old daughter see's this; and soon, she will mimic it...Learning by my example.

Mothering has shown me how to nurture myself; How to melt into the love that already exists within me.

I let the vastness of my own light cradle me like a newborn. I sink into it, mirroring to my daughter...leading by example.

Little does she know, that she led me here. My most beautiful catalyst of change.

You give me more.....

More grace, more love, more trust.

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