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I am YOU.

*Channeled Message from Spirit" (In the raw words of the Spirit)

"You see, you don’t come from the source itself, rather you are source itself.

There is no separation between you & Creator.

If there shall be a disconnect from the Spirit of God, it is rooted from a separation of the self; passion, love, happiness. Even as many of you might drift away into the depths of a stormy sea, a true separation is not possible. For even in the darkness you are still home.

The winds in the sky cannot overcome the sky, The waters in the sea cannot overcome the sea, just as your darkness cannot overcome your light.

It is all one in the same - a duality. One cannot exist without the other, you see this? You are everything & everything is you.

The tree & mountains you admire are but another example of you; your beauty, your presence, your impact. You are your children, you are your partner, you are your enemy.

Love them like I love you. Love them like you love you. Because you loving them, is you loving you. This is how God loves. Unconditionally. The love that knows no bounds.

When you feel anger, look to the earth; When you feel sad, look to the moon, when you feel lost, look to yourself, your heart, your soul.

It is within you, that you may find God. God the source of wisdom, grace, love. This is so freely given to you. For you.

The love that knows no bounds.

So, my friend, the next time someone tells you you’re beautiful…….tell them “I am you.”

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