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The Daily Motherhood Diary | entry 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Entry 2 | January 16, 2021


written word by Alexandria Chavez

Today feels different. With each minute that passes, I am struck with the complexity of my own emotions that are floating within me, waiting for their turn to be excused from my body. As I sit with my ever-changing emotions, I feel safe....

I feel safe to be sad; To be angry.

I am not bad. I am healing.

Only I can give myself permission to sulk in the honesty of my own shedding.

This process feels delicate, and I. Fragile.

As I move out of the body that was once my home, I realize that it holds the only understanding I ever knew about myself.

As I become more naked....more stripped of the layers that once protected me, I realize that I am more than I once thought. I am good.

Today, I am compassionate & forgiving of myself.

Today, I am honest.

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