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Written Word by Alexandria Chavez warmth. The safeness I lean into when I'm sad. the Chills that pour over my body in inspiration just like me. A comfort for my mistakes to be held with grace

God is HOME. A place I go to feel connected and loved. Love; the forgiving, nurturing, Pure kind.

God is Sovereign. A mirror to my very existence.


Filling the void between Light and Shadow. The Creator.

God is Holy;

Holiness is the downpour of it all; the good, the bad, the ugly.

God is Pure; Like the child who hides nothing, expresses it all;

Anger, sadness, joy.

God is the tears that run down my face.......

God is the pink hue in my cheeks when I blush

God is the wrinkles under my eyes after i've smiled for too long.

God is you, and God is me.

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