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My mission with Sacred Sole Dance Studio is to cultivate Healing through Artistry and Soulful Expression. Our Studio specializes in holding space for Grieving people, Postpartum Mothers and any person seeking to know themselves deeper through self exploration and Movement. It is a Sacred Grounds for deeper awakenings and redeeming the Muse within. Healing is for everyone, every Body, in any phase of life, and we crave to exude a Warmth that can support you in your journey offering a Mind, Body, Spirit experience; Honoring both Soul & Soil. Our studio has classes that are thoughtfully categorized under “Mind | Body | Spirit,” giving our clients the opportunity to take classes that bring awareness to every faucet of themselves. 

I am seeking Donations to help Birth my Vision of collective healing to LIFE! All donations will go towards opening my Dance studio/ tools needed. Donations can be made through my Square Tip Jar (button Below)

I am the only person on the Sacred Sole Team, but it is my goal to bring in Healers/ Teachers that align with my Mission, Morals and Ethics. My husband and two toddlers are my greatest source of Inspiration and Support, which allows me to feel abundant in my ability to pour into my Clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my vision in such an expansive way and I am eternally grateful to all who feel called to donate to our Dance Studio. 


Alexandria Chavez | Sacred Sole Creator 

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