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How to Prepare for your Reading:


To make the best of our time together, please ensure you are in a safe, comfortable space where you will not be interrupted. Loud noises, animals & children can distract the session and should be looked after by a trusted person during your session. 

Prior to our session, please sit with family members and get CLEAR on family history. This includes knowing all the facts around people in your family who've passed away, their passings, their birthday's & passing months, names/ nicknames, where they worked and their personality. Asking family members if they have a tattoo, ashes or special ways of honoring the passed loved ones is also important because Spirit may bring that up. The MORE you know about your loved ones, the MORE information can come through. Even if you didn't meet a passed loved one (i.e Great grandparents, grandparents, aunties/ uncles etc)  they might still step forward to give a message. Keep all this information in your mind & heart. 

Be OPEN minded. You may come to me with the intention to speak to someone specific, but you may have others that come through in addition. So having that awareness can amplify the connection. 

I look forward to sharing space with you!! xo

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