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Alexandria Chavez

As a young girl, I always felt strongly connected to the spirit world, and was fully tapped into my intuition. My mother tells me story’s of when I was 3-4 years old & I would accurately predict things before they’d happen. 

I always knew when my baby brother was going to start crying & when the phone was about to ring, right before it happened. 

I had my first spiritual experience at the age of 5, when I was visited by my great grandmother, whom I’d never met in this life, as she died before I was born.  

Never being shown photos of her or knowing what she looked like, 

I was able to point out my great grandmother in a photo album & say “That’s the lady that visits me & let’s me play with the baby!” 

My mother was shocked to hear me say that sentence, as the baby I was referring to is my sister who died before I was born. 

She only lived for 3 hours after birth. 

My mother hadn’t yet told me about having a sister, because I was only 5 at this time. 

My intuitive gifts have always been greatly supported by my mother, as she is also a natural medium & has premonition dreams to this day. My moms support truly allowed the unfolding of my gifts to prosper in ways I couldn’t have imagined! From that day forward I would begin to see spirit EVERYWHERE. I was never afraid. By the time I was 6 I had an imaginary friend named Ariana. 

I played with Ariana for about 6 months before she told me she “had to go be with her mom” and she stopped coming around. Come to find out, the day my imaginary friend Ariana told me she had to leave me to be with her mom, was the same day that my half-sister “Ariana” was born. We have the same dad but different moms. I didn’t meet her until I was 16 years old, but I know that her soul visited me before she was born because we would never have a childhood together.  

A little later into my childhood, I would become a survivor of sexual trauma, using my mediumship abilities to travel to other realms & disassociate from reality. 

Mediumship & the spirit world kept me safe during my most traumatic experiences, allowing me to cope in the best way I could. 

Because I learned to disassociate very young, I developed severe anxiety & panic attacks that made me feel as if I wasn’t in my actual body. My limbs would go numb & it felt as though I was floating above myself. 

I started dancing very young, around 6-7 years old. I had a natural talent for movement & when I danced, it felt like I was speaking directly to God. It made me feel safe to be in my body again.....I utilized the gift of dance to anchor me when I fell victim to my panic attacks. Even if I was in public, I could simply envision myself dancing & I could feel it in my bones as if I were actually doing it. It became my strongest anchor throughout my life. Dance is still my most valued gift of expression + safety. 

My healing journey started early, and throughout my life I have gained a tremendous amount of understanding from my wounds. I chose to take the wisdom + leave behind the pain. 

My mission is to help guide others on their healing path, because I have been there. 

I have traveled it myself + I understand what it means to be truly healed. 

My only wish is to help you see your own strength + power. 

With love, 

Alexandria Chavez 

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